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Shipping Details: We do not ship wine out over the weekend to avoid standing time. When an order comes in close to a weekend, we’ll ship it on Monday. Ordering in even numbered batches of bottles are best for weight distribution.

We ship ONLY within New York State. *ADULT SIGNATURE REQUIRED: You must have your wine shipped to a location where you or another adult will be available to sign for the package. This is a law that we are required to follow.

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Dry to Semi-Dry Whites


2016 Chardonnay

Light, un-oaked with a lot of fruits. See how friendly a Chardonnay can be. Good with seafood or poultry. $17.00

dry riesling

Riesling, Dry

A super dry Riesling great with spicy dishes and/or shellfish; found in a brown bottle. $17.00




Mild bouquet yet refreshingly dry and crisp. A wonderful white wine with any meal if you love dry wines. $15.00




A crisp dry white wine made from our homegrown Chardonnay and Riesling. A great match with light summertime meals or pair with poultry and shellfish.  $17.00

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cayuga white

Cayuga White

A hybrid grape developed by the New York Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva. A versatile varietal that is good with food or just by itself.

Temporarily Sold Out



Riesling, Medium Dry

A medium dry version of Riesling in a green bottle. Compliments any meals or simply with bread and cheese. $17.00


Dry to Semi-Dry Reds

pinot noir

2016 Pinot Noir

A delicate Burgundy red with lots of fruit and a soft mouth feel without oak. Pair with your game or tangy cheese. Or maybe with salmon! $21.00



A brilliant red processed without oak. Enjoy its fresh aromas of lively peppers. Definitely for your steaks and roasts! $16.00



Maréchal Foch, Semi-Dry

A French hybrid named after the WWI general of France. It makes a fruity red wine light in tannin with a hint of sweetness. Great with red sauce, and our favorite with pasta and/or Italian sausage. $16.00

Semi-Dry Rosé

evening glow

Evening Glow

This dry-ish rosé is made from homegrown Diamond with a touch of Chancellor for the charming color. Abundant grape aroma yet pleasantly dry. How about with your appetizers and hors d’oeuvres like goat cheese, brie and paté? $15.00


hunter's moon

Hunter's Moon

A little more sweetened version of Maréchal Foch which combines the flavors of spices, cherries and strawberries. Serve chilled for your pizza and burgers! $16.00

bunny blush

Bunny Blush

Named after Merrier, a little pet bunny we once had. A spicy blush that is excellent with your Holiday ham dinner! $13.00



red duck

Red Duck

Fruity and delightful. Named for ducks that were born and spent a summer here in East Bay. Great for the picnic basket, serve well chilled. A good match for BBQ chicken or chicken wings! $13.00



Award Winner!!

A white wine with a soft bouquet of abundant fresh grapes with a smooth pleasing taste. Great for sipping; accompanies poultry as well. $14.00


lake breeze

Lake Breeze

Made of fruity white varietals, it is as sweet as the soft breeze from the Lake on a summer afternoon. Great for sipping or enjoy with some fresh fruit or ice cream for dessert. $15.00


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